Tale of the Six

Kerra's Diary: Bear Necessities
Don't survive, thrive!

Yesterday my brother proved that he is the greatest swordsman in Solace, capable of felling a doom bear with a skillful stab of his blade. Then he went on to prove that his true nemesis was dead, fallen trees. One of these things was very dashing, and one of them I shall taunt him about for years to come. 

I have to keep my writing short this time. We have a lot to do, because we came back with a LOT of loot. Like, a wagon full! Well, a minotaur full, which is very much like a wagon that has horns instead of wheels. I already have plans for how I'm going to use my part… I have so many things to make for people! Mery has had a bad time of it in fights so far, and Tish too. So I will have to buy some leather and work on armor for them.

Or…. or…. wait for it, diary…

Or I can use the GIANT DOOM BEAR. I skinned it after the epic battle. It's so soft and fluffy, oof, I want to roll on it forever… but the hide is top quality, so it's going to become armor. Better to keep my friends alive than have a fluffy mattress cover, right? At least for now. If it was any softer I might have to make a different decision.

The bear was a pretty tricky foe, I have to say. I wonder why there was so much treasure in its cave. Maybe someone was controlling it? Probably not. But if so… oh wow. That means we would have an enemy, now. Rac Manadh's first true foe! He will probably stay in the shadows, lurking for months and growing stronger until he can take us on again… but by then, we'll have become even greater heroes. Hah! The fool! Bring on your worst, Bear Lord. Bear King? No, no, those are too on the nose. He might even be able to control more than just bears. We need something menacing but vague.

Shudderclaw. It writes oddly but it sounds great outloud. Shudderclaw. Yes, that's what we will call him when he finally emerges to avenge his fallen minion. Right before Brill puts him back down again. :)

Time to get back to work. I have repairs to make, especially on our gear. Except for Rem's armor, he never did wear it. So much for the power of prayer…. I guess some boys are so thick-skulled not even gods can get through to them. Sigh. I really need to find someone else to complain to about this. When I talk to Kirrak he just rolls his eyes and buries his head in work – as if a nine foot bullman can hide behind a four foot work table. Glare. Tish is great, but she's still such a kid. That's it. Rac Manadh needs another woman. I will be keeping my eye out for recruits.

Until the next adventure, dearest diary….

Kerra's Diary: Setting Out
How to murder goblins and look good doing it

Today was a great day!

I finished my work early in the forge. Then just before it could all get boring, we heard about a missing girl. I grabbed everyone and we went to the inn to meet up with the rest of the search party. There was some talking, and then we left the trees to set out to rescue the lost child. 


Kirrak, Bril, Rem, Mery, and Tish followed me into the woods after I spotted some goblin tracks. We let Bril take over the tracking and he quickly found more evidence of the green menace. Clearly they were waiting for a search party, because they ambushed us the moment I shouted a challenge. Of course, we soundly defeated the cowardly monsters. The rest of them fled off into the forest, but Bril and Mery followed them back to their camp.

We came up with a fantastic plan to assault the monster's encampment. Bril would distract and divide the goblins. Mery would sneak around and save the girl. The rest of us would crush the remaining goblins in a glorious charge. It was a really great plan!

Of course it fell apart right away. The goblin spears Bril was throwing couldn't even get through their patchwork armor. Dull! And poor Mery ended up fighting a bugbear all by himself. But we all charged in anyways, and the goblins didn't have a chance. As we crashed into battle I shouted our new battle cry – the name of our band of heroes…. Rac Manadh! 

The breakers of fate meeted out swift justice to the greenskins, leaving only the bugbear leader. Bril challenged him to an honorable duel, and easily cut down the evil creature with a single slash of his blade. That's my brother! <3 <3 <3

Rem fought bravely too. He's such an idiot, wandering into combat with nothing but a stick. He always says his god will protect him. I think he's being stupid… but I hope he's right. Still, I'm going to make him some real armor when we get back home. He always says his god values hard work, so if I work hard enough maybe he'll actually wear the damned thing. I'm even going to say a prayer to his stupid absentee god, just in case. 

Oh! And we found a bunch of treasure! Just like heroes from the stories. I decided to keep a necklace, I think it looks nice on me. Not that I really care if anyone thinks so. 

We brought the girl back only slightly traumatized, mostly by Mery, and then celebrated our victory with fresh baked cookies. Mmmmm. Tish and I agree on this part – victory cookies are the greatest treasure of all.



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