Skilled and stoic hunter, son of Arc'Saelais.




Umbril moved to the forested town of Solace as a young child at the age of 10. Their aforementioned parents were kind hearted and paitent.

As a young boy Umbril was always much like his sister, joining in their reckless fun and childhood shinanagins. But unlike his sister he was apologetic when the inevitable trouble followed.

After his father left on a long journey, in which he has never returned there was a slow change. His humor and his recklessness melted away in the dark absence of his father. The years following were hard for him as he took more seriously to his responsibility as a young man, growing quieter and more sullen. his face, breaking rarely into even a smile can only be seen when he is in the presence of his adventurous sister.

As his sister took to the blacksmith and her works so did Umbril take to the forest and the wilds, finding solace in the outskirts of Solace. Ever present thin blades began to rest at his hips more commonly and with more ease.

This new leather clad young man seems to have been really coming into a role of comfort to himself, clear echoings of the parents virtues of patience and kindness eched into his being. However as comfortable and at peace may he seem to be, his laughter has not been heard since the day his father has left, condemning the young boy dead in face of the stoic young man taking place.


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