A simple, hardworking man of faith.


He didn’t have a hard familial life, sure, his father drank often but the man was never violent. Nor was he rude or belligerent. As far as drunks went, Rem’s father was a good man and a functioning alcoholic. His mother was a follower of Majere. Not as devout as he tried to be later in life, but definitely the reason he followed the path. She never approved of his father’s drinking habits but she loved him and he was never abusive, so she let it slide. At the age of 5, a tragedy struck, well, as tragic as any child could imagine. It was a simple night, quiet and their father was at the tavern as usual. Nothing was out of the ordinary until later in the night when Rem was awoke by a guttural yelp and a sickening crunch shortly after.

Rushing out of their little Tree-high home, he bolted to the forest floor, curious as to what made that sound. There, lying twisted in the soft earth was his father, his neck broken. He had fallen from the front door, more drunk than usual, too drunk to stand properly, it was inevitable really. Who built houses in treetops and then gave the inhabitants access to alcohol? That didn’t seem very well thought out.

He woke his mother and through the shock, she picked up her boy and decided to raise him as best she could and teach him to appreciate the blessings that Hard Labour can bring.

Growing up in the small treetop town made life easy, while not “prosperous” per se, the town was not wanting either. Life there was enough to make any average man content with his place in the world and content he was. Being a local priest of Majere, he lived a spartan life, wearing simple clothes and carrying a stave for walking, his only adornment was a simple, hand-stitched rose upon the right sleeve of his tunic. He would offer his services around the town for any labour in order to receive donations to live off of as well as put towards the small shrine to the God of Hard Work that he was building in the town to show his devotion to the ideals behind the absent god’s church. It was in this way that he worshipped and in this way that he made his place in the small town of Solace.


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