Fiery-hearted pounder of steel.




Kerra (and her brother) moved into town at about the age of 10. Their parents were a human named Malisa and an elf named Arc’selais. You may remember their father most for the incredible meals he would serve whenever you visited their house. You probably remember their mother for a gentle kindness certainly not found in Kerra.

As a young girl Kerra was willful, stubborn, and reckless… the sort of childhood companion who would drag her friends off on daily misadventures, no matter how often those ended in trouble. She was never very apologetic about the trouble she got people into – but she also never abandoned anyone in a bind, self-created or otherwise.

When her father left on a journey a few years back, Kerra took it hard when he didn’t return. After a month she was sullen. After two she was angry. By the third she was getting into fights with older kids. About that time the local blacksmith took her in as an apprentice.

The hard labor of hammering steel gave Kerra an outlet for her frustration, and the stern guidance of the smith helped fill the void left by her dad. In time that phase passed, and she returned to her normal adventurous self.

Nowadays the reckless little girl has blossomed into a strong, lovely young woman. When she is working in the forge you see a focus and discipline she still lacks when the hammer is out of her hands. You still know to back away when that mischievous light enters her eyes…


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